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Front Horse Boots

Front horse boots made for show jumping, eventing, cross country, dressage and racing.


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Eventer horse boots - front

£81.95 (101.71 USD) 6 in stock
Dalmar eventer front boots are high performance horse boots manufactured using F1 technology. Carbon fibre is used in these Eventer boots by Dalmar providing superior injury prevention for tendons, the suspensory ligament, canon bone and fetlock joint. The Dalmar patented Aircooling system prevents overheating, a common problem with...
Eventer horse boots - front
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Carbon fibre and leather are used providing superior injury prevention from accidental impacts in these open fronted boots. These boots have large Velcro straps therefore fit is not usually a problem, the two sizes available are suitable for: Large / Full horse size Suitable for warmbloods and thoroughbreds Fits 15hh - 17hh...
Leather Open Fronted Horse Showjumping boots- front
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Speed Showjumping boots- front

£87.95 (109.16 USD)
Carbon fibre is used providing superior injury prevention from accidental impacts in these lightweight front boots designed specially for speed classes. The patented Aircooling system prevents overheating, a common problem with most boots.Tip : Want to gain an edge in a jump off round, swop over your open front showjumping boots...
Speed Showjumping boots- front
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